•       Since 1976, she received her first dance initiation from Smt Minati Biswas, a diploma holder on Indian Folk Dances.
  •       In 1983, she got her first training on ‘Creative Dance’ from late Guru Shri Shadhan Guho, a disciple of Uday Shankar in Calcutta.
  •       From 1985 till 1990, she received training in Bharatanatyam classical style with Guruji Anu Ben and Guruji Mamta Ben at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), Pondicherry.
  •       From 1990 till 1991, she learnt the basics of Oddisi Classical Style with Guruji Madhusmita in SAICE, Pondicherry.
  •       While learning the above Indian classical styles throughout those years she had also mastered over several Indian Folk Dances and Rabindranath Tagore’s (Bengali) dance style.  Toured Indian villages with The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting learning & performing various folk dance styles of India.
  •       She is an “A” grade certificate holder of professionally qualified dancer in the dance form of Indian Contemporary Dance style – derived from ‘Udai Shankar’s Creative Dance’, from Uday Shankar’s Academy of Creative Dance in New Delhi, India.