•       Since 1976,she received her first dance initiation from Smt Minati Biswas, a diploma holder on Indian Folk Dances.
  •       In 1983, she got her first training on ‘Creative Dance’ from late Guru Shri Shadhan Guho, a very well reputed disciple of Uday Shankar in Calcutta.
  •       From 1985 till 1990, she received training in Bharatanatyam classical style with Guruji Anu Ben and Guruji Mamta Ben at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), Pondicherry.
  •       From 1990 till 1991, she learnt the basics of Oddisi Classical Style with Guruji Madhusmita in SAICE, Pondicherry.
  •       While learning the above Indian classical styles throughout those years she had also mastered over several Indian Folk Dances andRabindranath Tagore’s (Bengali) dance style.
  •       She is an “A” grade certificate holder of professionally qualified dancer in the dance form of Indian Contemporary Dance style – derived from ‘Uday Shankar’s Creative Dance’, from Uday Shankar’s Academy of Creative Dance in New Delhi, India.

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