Dixon Connect/MAX4

Networking Event for everyone creative!

This is a great opportunity for creative people to come together and find ways to collaborate. 

MAX4 is a sample performance segment which is part of ‘Dixon Connect’, featuring 4 sample performances of maximum 4 minutes each, of any live performance act: music, theater, literature, dance, spoken words, artworks, poetry, ritual, performance art, visual art, experimental works, monologues, comedy, etc.  If you want to showcase a sample of your performance/art in MAX4, please get in touch with the organizer at creativeperformances.nyc@gmail.com.  

Dixon Connect is an initiative of Creative Performances and is organized and curated by Sangeeta Yesley in the hope of creating a hub for creative people to come together and explore ideas and create platforms for cross-pollination and simply have a creative conversation.  

Dixon Connect/MAX4 has a dedicated FaceBook page.  Please like and follow to learn about upcoming shows: https://www.facebook.com/dixonconnect/