Dancing Art!

‘Dancing ART!’ is Creative Performances’ newest project that fuses the worlds of dance and visual arts and creates a multi-media and multi-disciplinary show.  This show will be presented on a virtual (zoom) platform, due to COVID-19. 

The 30 minutes, pre-recorded, online premiere will feature two incredibly talented and versatile collaborators who are creating video content of dance and art remotely (due to Pandemic), exploring the story and inspiration that is expressed in the artworks.

Premiering on: September 25, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

The featuring collaborators:

* Kyla Piscopink of Dance Key West  collaborating with Shireen Soliman, presenting ‘Transcending’. 

* Vanessa Long & Zoë Reed Helm of Vanessa Long Dance Company  collaborating with Christine Liu, presenting ‘Polyethylene Dreams’.

Featuring Artworks: 

* ‘She. He. Human’ (Gestures of Humanness) May 2019 – Shireen Soliman

* Plastic Pollution –‘A New Reef’ AND ‘A New Calm’. Mixed media, digital coloring. – Christine Liu

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