NYC Drawing the Dance Workshop!

This is a drawing/painting workshop with moving dancers, taking place in New York City, USA.

This workshop is a reflection of my passion for dance and art. I feel this is a rare opportunity for artists to find workshops with moving figures that can create an interesting challenge.

This workshop is literally a hybrid of fine arts and dance. Each sections is clearly demarcated making the artists have the option to draw static dance poses and at the same time challenge themselves to step out of the comfort zone and try drawing/painting the fluidity of a dancing figure.

This workshop also poses a fine challenge for the dancers who are not used to stop moving and holding short and long dance poses. The dancers bodies and muscles are trained to move and dancing in slow motion requires concentration and precision that can be a new exploratory territory for a dancer.

I am really excited to organize these workshops. There are no art teachers or instructors. The artists are expected you to have prior knowledge of drawing and painting to be able to try out these challenging workshops and find their own methods of drawing dance phrases. And they need to bring their own supplies. No glitters, please.

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